Project Management

Today's Project Managers speak to technology management, but few deal with the significant impact that technology has on management practice, policy and business strategy.

Amela Consulting represents both theoretical and practical administration of business and leadership practices to effectively integrate and manage short and long term projects.

  • Global Project Management Experience
  • Risk Management
  • Project Analysis
  • Workshops and Seminars
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Technology Training

Amela Consulting is committed to facilitating innovation, leadership and sustainable growth in the global economy through effectual Business Education.

As learning content becomes more and more commoditized, let us offer you customized solution to make technology really work for you. Simulations with real world scenarios.

  • Objectives interlocked with learning and performance
  • Learning that helps the learner become an active participant and contributor
  • Experience with Learning Management Systems, Custom Applications, Databases
  • Technical writer and documentation specialist